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A Press Release Project

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

"All i wanted was clarity between Art and Meaning, but press releases were nearly always written so badly, { boring and wordy they wouldn’t make me feel any better } that instead of a tool to make art more accessible, the

y held me at arms length and spoke rushed and intricate so that i could not make out what they were sayin. That or they were describing an experience of the art that very rarely matched my own."

The quote above is from The White Pube's amazing essay on why they don't read the press release for an exhibition.

Seriously. Go read it.

The language used in an exhibition press release is usually pretentious and ultimately contributes to the stereotype of art galleries being wanky and intimidating spaces - thereby making them inaccessible to a huge amount of people.

So I thought I'd try this thing where I 'translate' press releases, stripping them of the art-speak bullshit and hopefully leave a much simpler presentation on what the exhibition is said to be 'about'.

It still means that you are spoon-fed a way to interpret the work, but at least you have a chance of understanding what that interpretation is - allowing you the opportunity to agree with or reject it.

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